My 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge!!!

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay... so here I go again but FOR REAL this time! I have spent years gaining and losing weight. Especially since becoming a full time Work at Home Mom, it has grown worse. I love food, which does not help me stay healthy by any means and always allows me to put on that extra 20 to 40 pounds I so do not enjoy. So to push myself and keep myself accountable I am now going to start my "Official 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge" today through writing on a daily basis on my blog here. That way I not only can see what I am doing on a daily basis but it will allow me to get the support and encouragement from others to finish what I started! I will be sharing how my day is going, what I ate and what excercise I did for the day. I am hoping this not only allows me to get that much closer to my goal but maybe help many others do the same!

At the beginning of 2010 one of my main goals of the year was to get in the best shape of my life, eat better, work out consistently and all around become more healthy. I used to be a size 5/7 weighing 130 pounds and at this point I am 165 pounds and a size 13/15. For me it just feels uncomfortable and I am determined not to go buy new clothes, which will allow me to accept that I have let myself go. I have done pretty decent the last month by eating better half the time and working out alot more but it is not at all where I need to be or close to the goals I set for myself. Now, with my 'New Challenge' I do not want to deprive myself as that brings me to a point of maybe setting myself back to where I used to be. So, yes it will not be always perfect, healthy, non fat foods during this challenge... lol I will give myself a break here and there and still enjoy food.

So just to give you an idea of what I want to achieve the next 60 days...

1. Bring my size down to a 5/7 again
2. Either be 130 pounds or bring my fat percentage down to where the weight I do have is muscle
3. Eat basically healthy on a daily basis
4. Become more active and in shape, stronger
5. Be able to run 5 miles without dying of loss of breathe

So, for me to really do this from today (Monday, March 26, 2010) I am hoping for as much support as possible through my family, friends and ofcourse this blog. In hopes to not only achieve my 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge, but to help others know what they can do to do the same!

Very Embarassing, but this is needed for me to reach my full potential...

Here are my BEFORE PICTURES (Taken Today):


Thank you for all of the support and here I go to 'The BEST SHAPE of my Life!'


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